At Brazos Lamb, we understand that it is important to know where your food comes from and to know what you are feeding your family. Our sheep are locally raised, locally processed, and locally sold. You can’t get much fresher than that. Their diet is almost 100% forage based, browsing on a mixture of small grain annuals during the cooler months and millet/sorghum blends during the summer.  The sheep are also part of an integrated weed management program on the farm. We are not 100% organic but we do incorporate sustainable farming practices to improve soil health and animal performance.

Our sheep are humanely raised, grass fed and finished.  They do not receive any growth hormones. We like to keep our heard as healthy as possible; therefore, these animals are doctored for basic cuts or wounds and wormed on an as-needed basis. Outdoor conditions can be tough at times making it necessary to give them the proper medication to keep them healthy. Any animal that has received an antibiotic is withheld from processing for the recommended period of two months, insuring any residues can exit the animal’s system. This ensures the cleanest meat possible for your family.