Hello Friend –

Did you happen to see this article floating around this weekend? Unfortunately it was written by the NY Times who likely don’t even begin to understand rural America; however, fortunately, lots of people are reading it.

I think it presents an opportunity for discussion from our region. I would like to propose a discussion that puts our heads together and finds solutions to problems.

  • Do we want to be a tech hub like much of our urban counterparts?
  • How can we strengthen our rural economy?
  • How can we play up our strengths?
  • How can we continue to feed and clothe the rest of the world?
  • How can we keep our oil and gas industries strong?
  • How can we curb the drug epidemic?
  • How do we get young minds to bring their talents back to rural America?
  • How can we better utilize government programs?

We could organize online with thoughts, then vote on sustainable ideas, then come together to flush them out further.

I would like to start this discussion, grow some momentum and come out with strong solutions to take to our legislators. Would you like to join me?

Leave your thoughts below.

Jimi Coplen